Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Quick and Simple Gift Giving idea this Christmas

Want to start a NEW TRADITION - Looking For a Quick and Easy Christmas Idea  for someone that is hard to buy for?  Everyone loves taking photos, so why not give a quality album and two scrapbook pages (which you can assemble very easily or they can themselves) to a loved one so that they can start to record their own memories.  The linen album has two rings - so much better to store pages, and the scrappin kit has all you need to make two wonderful pages (just need an adhesive).  THEN - Why not Add to the scrapbook each year as part of your gift from here on.... 

Quick and easy

Cost $72.95 delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.
If you pick up from me at my home the cost will be $ 67.00

payment must be made before I put the order on.

Email me HERE to place your order, you will have about 1 more week to ensure it reaches you for Christmas so don't delay!

 Note: the double layout is my own, the photo and the 3 small admit tags that are pegged don't form part of the kit, all the rest is included 

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  1. Brilliant idea...esp for the avid s'booker miss Mel. I can feel their appreciation fm here. ooxx


Hi thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend giving me a comment on this project, I truly appreciate it, Melissa