Monday, November 26, 2012

A Team meeting...

We have a lot of fun at our team meetings, and this one was great too, and for the second month I have had a team member teach us all something, I love how they all can have the chance to teach while it also helps build their confidence all at the same time!

Here are the two bags we made - thanks to Ally this month who taught us these.
Wasn't too sure of the summer starfruit and midnight muse (out of my comfort zone those colours lol) but it came together really well.

Jeans Swap:
Copyright by Jean Janssen

 Amanda's Swap:
Copyright by Amanda Sommers

 Vanessa's Swap
Copyright by Vanessa Phillips

 Alison's Swap:
Copyright by Alison MCCarthy

 Dianne's swap
Copyright by Dianne Hull

and the choccy hidden inside:
Copyright by Dianne Hull
 Michelles swap:
Copyright by Michelle Bartholomaeus

 Margaret's swap:
Copyright by Margaret Wendt

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  1. It looks like you had a fun meeting! Such beautiful samples!

  2. Lots of wonderful inspiration, Melissa! Thanks for sharing. Hugs xxxx

  3. The bags are beautiful Miss Mel and I love Margaret's swap (the last card). I love that you have so much fun. ooxx


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